Holding one of the leading positions in the dairy industry of Armenia and with the stable place in the local market "Doustr Marianna" Company was founded in 1997 by Tigran Vardanyan. Through continuous investments, improvement of production processes and productive allocation of the resources the Company products have high qualitative indicators.


Due to consistent investment policy and efficient distribution of resources, as well as the improvement of technological processes, at present the Company has a distinctive high quality of production. From the very beginning the work was based on the principle of high quality products preservation and the key to the Company's further development and expansion became consistent work, dedication, qualification and experience of the specialists, incorporated to the various production links.


Paying much attention on the specialists selection "Doustr Marianna" Ltd. cooperates with the Armenian State Agrarian University and a number of other institutes for training specialists, who will be included to the production process in the future.


Manufacture of powdered milk and butter

The plant for the production of powdered milk and cream butter was launched In 2009. The latest Italian equipment is installed at the production plant which allows to manufacture products with stable high quality.

Manufacture of cheese

"Doustr Marianna" manufactures a wide variety of cheeses. In the cheese manufacturing process the decisive factors are the physical properties, chemical composition and microbiological parameters of the processed milk.

Manufacture of solid and sour milk products

Dairy products consumption culture is highly developed in Armenia. Everyone knows that milk, kefir, matzoon and yogurt are beneficial for digestion and immunity enhancing, that is why the demand for this products in Armenia will always be high.

An important role in ensuring the quality and safety of the products belongs to the production laboratory. Due to the implementation of food safety and quality management system ISO 22000, the company guarantees the quality and safety of manufactured products throughout the entire production chain: from the raw materials to the final consumer.



Production laboratory consists of three divisions: physical-chemical, microbiological and raw milk receipt. The laboratory has qualified personnel and modern equipment to monitor production at all stages of technological process. Strict control of raw milk eliminates the low quality milk receiving. The specialists of microbiological laboratory are providing sanitary hygienic control of raw materials, final products and environmental objects: drinking water, the air of the working area (for compliance with hygienic standards, sanitary norms and rules), also quality control of the equipment sanitary treatment is performed.



The most important physical and chemical parameters of raw materials and final products throughout the entire chain of technological process are being measured in the physical and chemical laboratory (determination of the fat, acidity, humidity and dry substance, density, etc.). All the products control samples of all manufactured lots are stored in the laboratory until the expiration date.