Bifido products

"Dustr Maryanna" Company developed the products line under the brand "BIFIDO". The foodstuff based on living microorganisms (bifido - and lactobacillus, found in the human intestine) are able to maintain and restore human health by normalizing the intestinal microflora.


The food products that contain bifidobacterium have therapeutic and prophylactic properties. They destroy harmful substances in the body, synthesize vitamins and activate body defenses, its immunity. These products manufacturing is motivated by the need of dysbacteriosis prevention and the population immunity increase, especially against the backdrop of ecological conditions deterioration.


Under the brand “BIFIDO” “Doustr Marianna” Company manufactures the products: BIO-sour cream 10% fat, bio matzoon 1.5% fat, bio kefir 1% fat, bio curd 9% fat, Bio cream + bio curd 7% fat, drinking bio yoghurt 1% fat, bio yoghurt 1% fat.